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World War Two

1938 to 1941 can be found here.

→ February — Japanese capture Singapore from the British, taking an estimated 60,000 prisoners.
→ June — United States defeat the Japanese navy in the Battle of Midway. Following this victory, the Americans were able to push the Japanese back.
→ August — Command given for the destruction of the German and Italian troops in North Africa.
23rd October — Battle of Alamein. General Montgomery attacked the German-Italian army in North Africa with a massive bombardment followed by an armoured attack. 
→ November — The Battle of Stalingrad. The Russians won their first victory against the Germans in Stalingrad. British and American forces led by General Dwight Eisenhower landed in North West Africa and assumed control of French Morocco and Algeria.

→ 12th May — British and American forces defeat the Axis Powers in North Africa.
August — Allied troops take the island of Sicily.
→ 3rd September — Italy surrenders to the Allies.They agree to fight with the Allies. Fighting between Germans and Italians in Italy continues
→ November — Allies meet at Tehran. Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin co-ordinate plans for a simultaneous attack on Germany. Post-war talks are also held.

→ January — The siege of Leningrad was lifted by the Soviet Russian army.
→ June — Rome is liberated.
→ 6th June — D-Day. Allies launch an attack on Germany's forces in Normandy, Western France. Thousands of transports carried an invasion army under General Eisenhower's command to the Normandy beaches. Germans had been given false information about a landing near Calais, rushed troops to the area but were unable to prevent the Allies from forming a a solid bridgehead.
→ 25th August — Paris liberated from the Germans.
→ 8th September — The first V2 flying bombs killed three people in London.
→ December — The Battle of the Bulge. Germany launched its final defensive through the Ardennes region of Belgium, but were beaten back by Allies.

→ March — The Allies crossed the Rhine whilst the Russians were closing in on Berlin from the East.
→ April — American President, Franklin Roosevelt dies and is succeeded by Harry Truman. The Russian troops reach Berlin shortly before the Americans.
→ 28th April — Mussolini is captured and executed.
→ 30th April — Hitler commits suicide in his bomb-proof shelter with his new wife Eva Braun.
→ 2nd May — German forces in Italy surrender to the Allies.
→ 4th May — German forces in north west Germany, Holland, Denmark surrender. Admiral Donitz, who had been nominated by Hitler as his successor tried to reach an agreement to surrender to the western Allies but continued to fight the Russians. This request was refused.
→ 7th May — Admiral Donitz offers an unconditional surrender to the Allies.
→ 8th May — V.E. Day. Victory in Europe for the Allies was celebrated.
→ 5th July — Churchill loses the election and is replaced as Prime Minister by Clement Atlee from the Labour Party.
→ 6th August — Japanese generals refuse to surrender despite the surrender for her other Axis Powers allies. The United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
→ 8th August — Russia declares war on Japan and invaded Japanese-ruled Manchuria.
→ 9th August — Americans drop another atomic bomb, but this time on the port of Nagasaki as the Japanese had not surrendered following Hiroshima.
→ 14th August — The Japanese unconditionally surrender to the Allies, officially ending World War Two
→ 2nd September — US General MacArthur accepts Japan's surrender, marking the formal end to the Second World War.

Date and events taken from here.

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