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Jumping head first into the unknown

Now that myself,luckyylotus  and journey_to  are done with our AS exams I think this break until September will be a great opportunity to find out and discuss about Universities. Personally, I have no clue what I want to do once I Ieave college next year and no clue about writing things like personal statements. Awhile ago my mum actually bought 'The UCAS Guide to getting into University and College' which is basically 368 page book of researching, applying and finally getting into University (now that's gonna be some fun summer reading for me).

So now I'll start with what I know: 
In the tutorials I had in college this year my tutor encouraged us all to visit the UCAS website and take the Stamford Test which takes your answers and finds university courses that match what you put down in your answers.

Here's what I got: History Based, Combined Sciences, Communication and Archaeology.

History Based  I've always had a keen interest in History, especially modern world history which my love for history has been built up upon from AS History. Of the set of specialist course areas, I'd go for Modern History or American History (others in this category include: History of Art, Ancient History, European History, Medieval History, Political History & Welsh History).

Combined Sciences I've also liked science for as long as I can remember despite E.S. putting me off doing an Environmental Studies degree. Of the set of specialist course areas, I'd go for Combined Science that also includes a year in North America as part of the course.

Communication It seems since GCSE, my English teachers have had high hopes in my potential with the English Language. My work experience back in Year 10 also gave me an insight into the world of journalism as I wrote a few articles for a web based newspaper for Education Bradford. However, after this experience I decided that journalism and that general field was not for me. Here is a selection of the course areas the test recommends: Advertising, Journalism, Publishing, Writing and Media Technology.

Archaeology I sometimes wish that I had taken Archaeology instead of E.S. but when I heard about how many essays they had to write I was content with being in E.S. I actually went to Egypt for a day back in 2006 and went to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and saw Tutankhamen's death mask and also went inside one of the Great Pyramids in Cairo. Here's what I would go for: Egyptology or Environmental Archaeology.
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