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Well this has certainly been a long time... Anyway, here's an essay on Kaiser to Fuhrer I did for homework last week that was handed back to me today with comments from my teacher. (Comments in pink)
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Italian Tuesdays! Lessons 1

           Italian for Beginners:           

Key phrases:
Buongiorno — Hello
Arrivederci — Goodbye
Per favour — Please
Grazie — Thank you
Prego — You’re welcome
Sì — Yes
No — No
Come sta? — How are you?
Bene Grazie — I’m fine, thank you
No mi sento bene — I’m not well
Parla inglese? — Do you speak English?
Pìacere di conoscerLa — Pleased to meet you
Mi aiuta per favore — I need help, please
Mi chiamo — My name is…
Non capisco — I don’t understand
A presto! — See you soon!
A più tardi — See you later!
Ciao — Hello/Goodbye
Fantastico — Fantastic
This is really as basic as it gets. I also found a pretty good Italian for beginners’ podcast service on iTunes called ‘One Minute Italian’ (which is literally just one minute of actually learning Italian) by the Radio Lingua Network. The podcasts will help to improve your speaking skills, but for reading and writing I suggest this which is where I copied the key phrases above from. But for now, Ciao!
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Orientation: Open Day at the University of Leeds 24th June 2011

 To compliment material I have already posted about UCAS and University I will write about my own personal experience at an Open Day which I attended at the University of Leeds and present my feelings and impressions about the institute. Unlike other material I have posted up here over the last year, it will be written in a style that is reflected in my personal journal so don’t be alarmed if I attempt to thrown in a bit of wit xD

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Just found this and I think it could be pretty useful

I was out chilling in the sun this afternoon just flicking through my "Bible" (also known as the UCAS book) and came across this section where you can look at all the universities in the UK and see how many students they have, how big/where the campus, accommodation and how many students are studying in each area etc.

Click here!

So, which universities is everyone thinking of going to? Right now I'm looking at: Leeds, Lancaster, Leicester and Loughborough (the 'L' trending was not intentional, really.)
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Jumping head first into the unknown

Now that myself,luckyylotus  and journey_to  are done with our AS exams I think this break until September will be a great opportunity to find out and discuss about Universities. Personally, I have no clue what I want to do once I Ieave college next year and no clue about writing things like personal statements. Awhile ago my mum actually bought 'The UCAS Guide to getting into University and College' which is basically 368 page book of researching, applying and finally getting into University (now that's gonna be some fun summer reading for me).

So now I'll start with what I know: 
In the tutorials I had in college this year my tutor encouraged us all to visit the UCAS website and take the Stamford Test which takes your answers and finds university courses that match what you put down in your answers.
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Psychology — Rosenhan

Yes, I am spamming this community today. This was conducted in 1973 and, for a psychology experiment, is very critical of psychology. 


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When we did this in class, some people voiced their concerns about Psychology/mental illnesses. It should be noted that Psychology has come on in leaps and bounds since the '70s and nowadays, psychiatrists are very careful with their diagnoses. For instance, a patient would have to report voices in their head more than once and over a long period of time to be diagnosed.
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Psychology — Milgram

 All of this is pretty much done from memory (I find this one very easy to remember. You'll see why. It's also kind of my favourite study). The study is a lab experiment conducted in 1963.


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And again, there's an evaluation (though these are pretty apparent for all studies. For instance, it's pretty clear that for this one there's a huge ethical study of deception. These people were made to believe that they had killed someone. But, as an advantage, nobody's argued with it and it's brought some pretty good explanations of human behaviour). And also, there's alternative research, one of which features real shocks being administered to real puppies and no one giving a good goddamn about it D:
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Psychology — Langer & Rodin

Once again, as a note, most of this is done from memory. This is a field experiment conducted in 1976. The title of the study is a mouthful, I know. 

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Once again, there's an evaluation/other research thing to go with this. I've got them in my own notes. They're a bit dull. This study is probably my least favourite. This and Rahe. I'll be posting more interesting ones tomorrow. Promise.
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Psychology — Buss

Just as a note, all of this is done from memory (as best as I can) and some of the stuff that this study suggests is a little bit irritating. You'll find yourself disagreeing with much of the aim and context. Or at least, I did. Study conducted in 1989.


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Another note: There's also an evaluation and an evaluation in light of other research to go along with this, but that would make the post too long (and those two are not particularly interesting). 

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